Fifty shades of green

Green is the new neutral! I have fallen in love with a lot shades of green lately. This month I was working with acrylic on large canvases and a couple of smaller projects that had a few different shades of green. Some of these are incorporated into the staged house in Phoenix through Local Trade AZ. (PC to Jason Roehner and Dan Ryan)   

No matter if it’s a house or an apartment, I know some people would like to have to something unique, but are afraid to add colors or think it might end up looking tacky. Enter the color green. Think a green colored accent wall, or a piece of art. Maybe add throw pillows, blankets, accessories or a cute plant. This will add some life to your living space and take away that neutral grey, gloomy and cold mood that may be lingering. Remember, it can be as small and simple as one or two additions that push you outside of your comfort zone and towards that change you were hesitant to make before, easing you into a safer “bold” choice.


Traditionally, neutral colors like whites, light grays, beiges, and muted blues simply fill the space without seeking attention. According to a report done by Pinterest, users have been looking for more sage-painted rooms in recent months, with interest in the color growing by more than 170 percent, which is super fascinating! Sage can definitely be viewed as a neutral color, and when it comes to designing your house, you now have more options. For example, I think the addition of emerald green and combining it with black and white gives off a fancy, sexy, and attractive vibe. And yes… I am still talking about colors.

Colors affect our mood every day. Tones such as olives are cozy and rustic, lime and chartreuse are energetic and modern, blue-greens are cool and calming, and vibrant grass-greens are refreshing and sharp.

Below are other classic green combinations:

Sage + Blush + gold
Lime green + pink
Palm green + burnt orange
Kelly green + navy + crisp white
Pale aqua + raspberry
Sage green + silver

Have fun! 

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