Trip to Sedona

If you are reading this, welcome to the positive corner filled with art, travel stories, daily adventures that fill my lifestyle. I wanted to start my own blog a long time ago, but was hesitant because English is not my first language. I wasn’t sure whether I should talk about my travels, art, fashion, or whatever else came to mind. BUT, I am 25 and I now have a husband by my side who is obligated to support everything I do. Therefore, he is temporarily hired to be part of the blog editing 😊 My hope is that with each post, you find something new and inspiring out of my stories. I don’t know what I am looking to get out of this, and I hope some of you do! If you have any suggestions or want to see something specific, I am open for ideas. Maybe I will do this a few times a week, or even a few times a month. Either way, I am just going with the flow.

Moving forward. A couple days ago I posted pictures on Instagram from our trip to Sedona, AZ. We have been there so many times to hike, but this time it was somewhat special with a spectacular view! We found a place to stay that we fell in love with very much. From the infinity pool, the gorgeous sunsets, to the night skies filled with billions of stars that you can stare at from the jacuzzi, there was always something to enjoy that we usually don’t see in the city.

And what we also loved is the privacy that the homeowner provided. He greeted us in the beginning by showing us how everything worked in the Studio, which is IMPORTANT because for people like my husband who have never seen or used window shades that were “top down- bottom up”, it was a new experience.

Below is a list of our activities and some things we did, but we did not get to do everything we wanted and know there is more in the small town of Sedona. So for now, enjoy the pictures!

Trip activities:
Bell trail hike
Devil’s Bridge hike (moderate)
Chapel of the Holy Cross nice to visit
Best popcorn - Sedona’s Popcorn Emporium
Best fudge - The Sedona Fudge Company